MakeMendel (Rapidbot)

rapidbot 3.0

(RapidBot 3.0)

While it’s true of most, some 3D printer companies are a bit more forthcoming about the fact that their printers are essentially RepRaps, and MakeMendel is one of them. The sell a Mendel Kit
for $699, but for the same price ($130 extra for assembled) they offer the sturdier RapidBot 3.0.

RapidBot 3.0 specs:

Filament size: 3mm, 1.75mm, Bot HotEnds
Filament type: ABS, PLA
Machine size: 450mm x 350mm x 370 mm
Build volume: 220mm x 220mm x 165 mm
Max print speed: 60mm/s
XY precision: 27 microns
Minimum layer thickness: 0.1mm
Software: open source chain
Other features: acrylic frame, USB interface
Price: $699 ($848 assembled), $1250 for RapidBot Mega with build volume of 750mm x 250mm x200 mm ($1600 assembled)

Website: MakeMendel