Dutch Company Develops 3D Printed Bone Implants

A Dutch company has developed a way to make customized bone implants using 3D printer technology.

When a person needs a bone transplant, the most common method used today is the insertion of titanium plates or cutting bone from the patient and re-positioning it elsewhere.

With the new 3D printing enabled technology, Xilloc Medical has developed patient-specific bone implants that provide an alternative to these methods.

3D Printing of CT-Bone allows us to help even more patients with a tailor-made solution,” said Maikel Beerens, CEO at Xilloc. “After taking a CT scan of the patient, a patient-specific implant is designed by our biomedical engineers in collaboration with the surgeon. This design perfectly fits on the anatomy of the patient, ensuring good bone-to-implant contact and facilitating bony in-growth.”

While the bone is still artificial, 3D printing allows the bone implant to mimic the patient’s real bone and provides a fully customizable fit.

As a result, there is less chance of infection or rejection, helping patients heal faster.

Photo Credit: 3D printed bone implant via OrthoStreams