Leaked Report: EU to ask countries to invest in 3D printing


The European Union, self-destructing from years of unsustainable, socialist economic policies and hampered by the unworkable, politically-purposed Euro currency, is seeking ways to revive its member states’ economies. Aside from their favorite solution called “kicking the can down the road,” they at least occasionally know a good idea when they see one.

According to a leaked paper seen by news agency Reuters, the European Union is seeking to raise manufacturing output by asking companies to use new technologies. These technologies include 3D printing.

From the Reuters report:

The paper which outlines the bloc’s future industrial policy said the commission wants to raise manufacturing from 16 percent to 20 percent of EU GDP by 2020 using new techniques such as 3D printing which builds objects using instructions from a printer.

Enthusiasts for 3D printing say it will revolutionise manufacturing in electronics such as mobile phones and save millions in costs as it would be as cheap to produce one phone as it would be to make thousands.


To reverse such trends the Commission proposes non-binding targets for manufacturing and investment, both public and private.

The European commissioner in charge of industrial policy Antonio Tajani will launch the new proposals on Wednesday.

The policy will also promote green vehicles, smart grids, sustainable construction materials, and so-called key enabling technologies which include nanotechnology and photonics.

If governments would just stop involving things like “green vehicles, smart grids, sustainable construction materials” in economic policy, economies would be much stronger. Reminds me of the folly we’re going through in the United States right now with billions of taxpayer dollars wasted on unsustainable companies like failed solar company Solyndra and impractical, ridiculously expensive things like bullet trains in California, just because they are “green.” Aw well, I’m just one capitalist voice in the wilderness. But, hey, I am thrilled to see 3D printing making such an impact around the world.

Source: Reuters

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  1. sergevi says:

    did you had to make those stupids claims about socialist politic in EU ? EU politic is mostly right oriented for more than 10 years now ( apart France for some months now).
    And i don’t see where other places are better actually, especially USA with 1/4 population under poverty level and incredible debt.
    Please keep on 3D printing and not politics, it deserves the good quality of this site.

    • mark says:

      Hey, the US is just as bad now, we’re just a few years behind Europe, heading for our own cliff.

      Yeah, could have kept my opinions to myself, but that’s the benefit of having my own site, I get to spout off every once in a while :)

      I just hate any government, wherever, thinking they know so much about business, when it’s always the opposite.

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