F*cking wicked! 3D printed, sterling silver cutlery

eragatory cutlery set

All sorts of crazy, beautiful (sometimes both at the same time!) things are made at Shapeways, and the availability of printing in Sterling Silver is producing some insanely cool items. This cutlery set by 3D modeler, designer, product designer, artist, maker, artisan and user of colorful words, Eragatory, includes a fork, knife, spoon and demitasse spoon in sterling silver. Unfortunately, with the exception of the demitasse, they aren’t for sale, probably since an 8 piece set would be a bit pricey for most (update: it’s not the price, it’s that Shapeways has a limited bounding box for wax 3d prints to be cast in silver–if you want to purchase them, you can contact the artist as he has other sources for printing them.)

You can see them, plus more from Eragatory on his website or his Shapeways store page.

Now, let’s take a tour of each utensil, along with the artist’s words interspersed along the way.

Take it away Eragatory:

Some ingredients I put in my soup: Believe in your fucking self. Stay up all night. Work outside of your habits…

eragatory fork

Know when to speak up. Collaborate. Don’t procrastinate. Get over yourself. Keep learning…

eragatory knife

Fuck, form follows function. Find inspiration everywhere. Network. Educate your clients. Trust your gut. Ask for help. Question yourself once in a while. Learn to take criticism. Use spelll check. Do your research. Sketch more ideas…

eragatory spoon

The problem contains the sollution. Stirr everything firmly Taste . . . If you like the mixture, you might just fucking like my work…

eragatory small spoon

Since I’m not an artist, I don’t think I can get away with the same language, so let me just say these designs are f*cking awesome.

h/t: Shapeways

  • http://eragatory.blogspot.be/ Isaie Bloch

    The reason why the whole set is not for sale via Shapeways, is not because it would be to expensive but only because they have a limited bounding box for wax 3dprints to be casted in silver. People who would be interested in purchasing the whole set should contact me since there are other companies which are able to print larger wax objects.

    • http://www.kraftwurx.com chris Norman

      Limited size? Send Kraftwurx.com your larger format 3D models for wax or direct metal. We can produce waxes at least a foot long! Also, we can produce quickcqst patterns for metal casting up too the size of a 15 inch car rim. Plus we have 70 materials, the most in the industry.

  • https://3dprinter.net mark

    Ah thanks for clarifying that. I’ll make a change in the article.

  • Raf

    Freaking FUGLY (Fucking Ugly)… A 3D modeler, designer, product designer, artist, maker, artisan and user of colorful words is a LOT OF TITLES AND EGO, better be really good doing only one thing than mediocre with a lot of so called talents….concentrate on what do you best.

  • http://eragatory.blogspot.be/ Isaie Bloch

    Dear Raf

    I’m very curious to see what you do in life. It is very easy to spill your guts over anything you personally don’t like and hide what you might do yourself. Constructive criticism is a bless and would by all means be considered as something you can build on. But just spitting out these lame words is not getting anyone anywhere. Maybe that is your “so called talent”, which i hope is not the case.

    Let me just remind you that some people like certain stuff that others might not appreciate and vice versa. Fortunately that causes a variety of different aesthetics to emerge. You might just want to focus your constructive criticism and appreciation on what you like and keep what you don’t like for yourself. Your not enlightening the world by saying “fuck” or using your ego to decide on who has or who doesn’t have talent.

  • Rationalpersuader

    Why profanity? It suggests either inability to communicate or a troubled psychology.

  • http://www.kraftwurx.com chris Norman

    I also question that these are cast. It’s more likely they are dmls. It would be difficult to cast these

    • http://eragatory.blogspot.be/ Isaie Bloch

      Dear Chris

      I can assure you that these are definitely not obtained by dmls. They are created with a lost-wax casting process using a high-resolution 3D wax printer. After printing the wax model, the wax model is cast in plastic. The wax then melts out and silver (or brass) is poured in the plaster mold. dmls would be way to expensive and had less material quality then lost wax casting. During the pouring process of the silver small air bubbles occur in the final result which fitted the overall aesthetics of the cutlery more then a perfect dmls print.

  • http://www.3dizingof.com/ Dizingof

    Beautiful Design.


  • John Musselman

    It’s hard to tell from the photos on my admittedly lo-res monitor if the cutting blade on the knife is also silver, or if is a seperate metal piece. I can understand the aesthetic of an all silver piece; but still see the practicality of a hard sharp edge. (for example 19th century sterling grape shears with steel blades) Then again, “practicality” may not even be the point of these beautiful objects.

  • whistletalker

    This design will trap bacteria