Turn finger-doodling into 3D prints with Cubify Draw

The 3D printing boom has come with and encouraged a surge in easier-to-use 3D modeling software. First there was Tinkercad, which was shut down and then rescued through being acquired by Autodesk, and then there’s Autodesk’s growing 123D suite and Doodle3D. Now Cubify has launched a simple drawing program that creates 3D printable objects called Cubify Draw.

cubify draw workflow

Draw is quite similar to Doodle3D in that it “extrudes” 2D drawings into 3D shapes. The main difference is that Draw is free, though it’s currently limited to iOS devices. The operation is incredibly simple: draw something with your finger, add depth, adjust line thickness, fill (or not), and print. You can download the .stl and print on your printer or upload your creation and have Cubify print it.

The app doesn’t allow for the creation of very complex objects, but some things don’t need to be complicated, like cookie cutters, ornaments, name tags, clips, stands, and back scratchers. This type of modeling is ideal for kids, obviously, but it’s useful nonetheless. 3D printed cookie cutter and ornament parties may be all the rage in 2013.

Source: Cubify