Fully Posable 3D Printed Action Figure


Introducing “The Ronin,” a fully-posable action figure featuring LED components and made from over 400 individual 3D printed parts.

The Ronin was designed by Aaron Thomas and was built using an Ultimaker personal 3D printer.

The Ronin consists of 400 individual parts and joints, with each 3D printed and assembled by hand. It’s also fully posable, with more than 50 points of articulation.

“Each component had to lock together with several others in order to achieve the complex machine-like look of the robot. In addition consideration had to be made to the nature of the printed plastic and rubber. Each piece had to be re-tooled to support the weight of the design and complement the overall toy articulation,” Thomas said.

“Finally once the pieces were printed, each was sanded by hand, then finished with surface putty, polished by hand, assembled, painted and lacquered before the final decals were applied,” writes Thomas in his blog.

Now that the Ronin is complete, Thomas says that he’d like to produce the Ronin and other future figures for collectors. Since the process of making the Ronin by hand with the Utilimaker was very time-consuming, it’s not the best option for mass production. Currently, Thomas is looking into the possibility of launching a product line through oversees manufacturing and plans to continue to promote the Ronin.

Thomas said his goal is to raise awareness, which will eventually lead to a crowd funded campaign to help him to produce intricate and detailed line of toys for collectors.