Game about 3D printing in space in development

3D printing in space has been a hot topic of late. It’s interesting to me because while it’s already being pursued outside of our atmosphere, there are still people that doubt the implications of the 3D printing that’s already happening on the ground. Fortunately there are forward-looking people in every industry, and they’re all sending little strands of awareness that are all tangling into a web of keen, relevant information of 3D printing. One of those persons is Brad of Be-Rad Entertainment, the studio that created the game Lame Castle. Brad’s new project is called AnonA, and it’s based on 3D printing space colonies.

The concept was hatched at a NASA “game jam,” and it essentially mirrors NASA’s actual plans to print structures on the moon and Mars with materials found there. To bring some realism to the 3D printing aspect, Brad is using a voxel algorithm to turn collected resources into buildings. You should listen to him describe it; it looks really fun:

h/t: TouchArcade