How to make $100,000 a month in 3D printing — no experience or brains necessary

get rich 3d printing

(Apparently people don’t get sarcasm, so I’m going to have to ruin the fun and tell those of you with no sense of humor, that no, I don’t back this program, I’m making fun of it. DO NOT BUY IT. Jeez.)

If you’re reading this blog, you already know 3D printing is hot. But did you know you can get rich from it, quickly, even if you don’t know anything about creating models, even if you don’t have a 3D printer, and hell, even if you are complete idiot? Yes, a fortune awaits you, any of you, and all you need is Sam Frlan’s magical instruction program called 3D Printer Profits!

I stumbled across 3D Printer Profits as I was looking through some 3D printing videos on Youtube today, and stumbled upon the testimonials video below. After laughing through that, I clicked a link on the page to the actual program it was promoting. Experienced in internet marketing, I immediately recognized the long “sales page” format of the website, which is used by marketers to sell usually thin, informational products they hype up, through hundreds of affiliate promoters. So I knew right off that I would be in for more laughs if I could stomach watching the sales video on his site. For you, my dear reader, I sat through the entire 20 minutes of Sam telling me how I, too, can be rich like him.

Sam Frlan must be a pretty nice guy. After all, he made $521,802.42 in one year from 3D printing, and yet he is so incredibly generous that he is willing to share his secret with me, and you, and everyone. And he says he’s not doing it for the money. He doesn’t need your money — like he says, “I can’t drive more than one car at a time or vacation in more than one place at the same time.” No, the real reason he is practically giving away his system is because he “wants to give back.” What a guy.

Does it work? Does it ever!! The system is “fool-proof,” it “works every time,” and “people will beg you to take their money.” With it, you’ll make thousands of dollars a month, even up to $100,000 a month. Cha-ching!

He says his accountant thinks he’s crazy, because while he could easily get $2,000 for it, he’s selling it for only $47! What a giver. I’ll take ten.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only will you get the complete system, but you are also going to learn about the 57 niches in which you can make money with 3D printing. Yes, every one of those niches is profitable. Money in the bank for you!

Here is that video I told you I came upon — testimonials of several people who were smart enough to buy 3D Printer Profits. I’m sure we’ll be seeing them on the pages of Forbes magazine very soon.

Remember, you don’t need any experience whatsoever — even if you don’t know shit about 3D printing, or anything else, you too can be rich.

  • oprah

    the f*ck is this shit

  • CornGolem

    For me any of those 10 screens long pages that try to sell something are scams, especially if they pretend to make you rich.
    So why is such thing mentioned on this blog ??? it’s not even an article or a news about it, it’s an entire sales speech on a dedicated page ! The botobject thing could be excused, but THIS, this is the best way to take a blog’s and an author’s credibility right down the toilet.

    This being said, the things said in the video are plausible and I can afford to waste $47 just to see what’s inside and let everybody if it’s a scam or not, but I don’t trust that payment website.

    • Are serious? Are you telling me you can’t see the sarcasm in the post? Did you not even notice the title: “no experience or brains necessary?”

      Or course the “product” is a joke — that’s the whole point of the article.

      • CornGolem

        I only read the first paragraph then I watched the video on the original site.
        Up to you if you want to jeopardize your reputation with unclear messages.

        • Perhaps you should read more than a first paragraph of an article. And by the way the first paragraph includes this:

          “But did you know you can get rich from it, quickly, even if you don’t know anything about creating models, even if you don’t have a 3D printer, and hell, even if you are complete idiot?”

          Isn’t saying you can make a fortune if you are a complete idiot, enough of a tell? Along with the title?

          You said you watched the video. Just listening to that presentation should be enough to make anyone run for the hills.

          • me

            I lol’d. Kudoes chum!

    • I missed answering this:

      “So why is such thing mentioned on this blog ???”

      Because it’s fun to laugh sometimes.

  • 3d-Materials

    What’s this shit ! :poop:

  • jf pion

    I think you did the first screening for the program, only the complet idiots never read the articles, or the manual and run to the demo.

    so they are th real target for Sam

    and after that they are whinning this is scam ! the same who vote without reading the programm and complain after

    that’s a kind of natural selection by the way, sadly to be ridiculous doesn’t kill

    • “and after that they are whinning this is scam ! the same who vote without reading the programm and complain after”

      Kind of like Pelosi’s “you have to pass the bill before finding out what’s in it.”

    • CornGolem

      Scams work because people want to catch amazing deals/opportunities. Reading one page or ten pages doesn’t change this.

      • No, that’s not true. Had we all read the Obamacare bill, all several thousand pages of it, we’d know we were getting less healthcare at a higher cost, for less people. It was all there in black and white. Anyone who does not read everything presented, deserves what they get.

        • CornGolem

          It’s not the same. A bill scam works because you orally promise one thing but hide the real thing into a thousand written pages of jargon. The 10 pages of internet scams don’t hide anything nor use jargon, they are just heavy sales speech. You discover the real thing only after you’ve paid.
          What was your reason for not reading the thousands pages of the obama care bill ? 🙂

          P.S. scams take many forms, such as

          • Reason for not reading it ALL is because they didn’t allow the bill to be reviewed online long enough for anyone to read it. I read as much as I possibly could. You assume I didn’t. Some of us do read things like that. Some of use do our own due diligence.

            If you send me $99, I’ll tell you how to watch out for scams. Okay? Believe it, it’ll be great.Trust me.

          • CornGolem


            A scam about avoiding scams, you should seriously set up a page for this. It will be fun and challenging to write it.

          • jf pion

            i’m afraid the only reputation in jeopardize is your. you said:

            “I only read the first paragraph then I watched the video on the original site.
            Up to you if you want to jeopardize your reputation with unclear messages.”

            first i’ve not read what you wrote but your message is unclear ……

            secundo: as your message is unclear you jeopardize your reputation…

            well go back to school to learn to read, to understand what’s written, to decypher the intent of the writer.

            we do that in france at primary school (whith the practice of foreign language – that’s why i could answer in (rather bad) english. can’t remind to find proud american on french forum).

            so at the end who look like a moron ?

          • CornGolem

            @jf pion
            You do, because 1) you show your disdain for Americans and your arrogance of Frenchman, 2) no one pushed you to do so and 3) you’re wrong cause I’m not American, in fact I’m French, et ouais ducon.
            I didn’t read the whole article because I identified it as an ad for a scam, and I read neither scams nor ads – and like most people, unless I’m very interested, I only scan a text.
            In any case, being understood properly is not my problem, it’s the author’s problem, which he fixed.

            This is my last comment on this page.

          • jf pion

            your the living proof, french school is not as good we can hope, and the traditionnaly french “finesse” is obviously not one of your strong side.

            how do call someone who make comment off an article without reading it ?

            anyway EOT

          • Don’t worry about CornGolem. He’s probably commenting on your comments without fully reading them.

          • @jf pion

            “In any case, being understood properly is not my problem, it’s the author’s problem, which he fixed.”

            I didn’t “fix” the article, I made it understandable by those who have an intellectual and humor deficit. I do indeed hope that it helped you to understand it.

          • CornGolem

            Intellectual deficit ? help to understand it ?
            First you put your readers at risk now you insult them (and me directly – yes it is an insult) ?
            Up to you buddy, up to you.

  • IanJohnson

    Scam or not, the guy is smart. He probably really did get a printer and sell a few prints, but realized he could never print stuff fast enough to make much money, even at $50 each. But if he came up with an info product *about* 3D printing for $50, he would only be limited by his ability to get the clueless and greedy to buy it.

  • DingalingSwing

    I did this program and made millions selling my open source ‘G.W. Bush Detector’ that people use to locate old Dubaya when we finally have a Prosecutor here in the States with enough balls to convict him of murder. Thank god (or something) for capitalism, otherwise we wouldn’t have such senseless dribble available to us for only $47. Great satire busta!

  • davy

    I know this 3d printer from this site hope u can supply some plan how to win money.

    • dingaling Swing

      Davy – Its a gimick. Its a scam. Do not waste your $47. 3d printer parts are more expensive to print than their mass produced counterparts. For example, injection molding of plastic parts from China, en mass, will be a better business model for you to follow.
      3d printing has its place, for example, I am interested in it because I have an engine design and would like to print a semi-functional prototype of it.

  • Alex

    People don’t get sarcasm because people are stupid. This is why scams like this work.

    Don’t listen to them Mark, the article is very funny.

  • Duann


    Nice find,

    I am just waiting for the first desktop 3D printer infomercial to top this.

  • If he made well over 6 figures in 3 months why is his computer running Windows XP with a crappy old internet explorer.

    Why are his walls so plain, and does he think a high back chair like a computer desk chair commands any regality?

    Laughing my way all the way to the bank. Not cause of this bullshit, but because I work hard.

  • And we have another vendor that promises to who you how to get rich with 3D printing:

    If video not embedding properly, go here:

  • Marv

    Bravo! You got me on this one for longer than I’ll admit.

  • Michael Sim

    Thank you for your very interesting, innovative and informative video on 3-D Printing. We eagerly look forward to get your machines here in Singapore so that we can also provide good 3-D Printing here to our customers .