Google Impact Challenge for Disabilities Awards $600k for Enable 3D Printed Hands

Enable, whom we’ve written about before in this space, is a heartwarming group of over 5,000 volunteers who 3D Print prosthetic hands and arms for kids and adults at no charge.  What with the popularity of 3D Printing, self-determination in the medical space, and more individuals, families, libraries and community groups owning 3D Printers, the worldwide group is growing by leaps and bounds.   To help expand the scope, depth and breath of Enable’s work, the Google Impact Challenge today announced that they are awarding $600,000 to the Enable Community Foundation to support this amazing work.

On their blog today, Jacquelline Fuller, Director, announced that Google wanted to help Enable advance the design, distribution and delivery of open-source 3D-printed upper-limb prosthetics.  The funds are centered in R&D and logistics/distribution scaling.  But of course with growth comes more demand.  So Enable is also raising funds to help train and educate new volunteers, provide continuing improvement in the designs, add new designs, assist in matching between volunteers and recipients, and other support activities to keep the organization growing with quality work.  To read more about Enable’s work or to donate, please go to the Enable website.

Groups around the world are working on helping local volunteers.  A Boston-based group using Enable designs is also in a fundraising campaign to buy 3D Printers for a volunteer center in Cambridge, MA  and to provide materials and supplies to existing volunteers.   Local teams are coming together from scout troops to college students, from home schoolers to senior citizens to join forces to make the world a better place.