Google Tech Talk focuses on improving 3D modeling at Shapeways

Vladimir Bulatov, PhD, a 3D graphics research scientist at Shapeways, stopped by Google to give one of their Google Tech Talks. He discusses what the Shapeways team is doing to help both developers and ordinary users to meet the technical challenges of creating unique and customizable 3D models. He specifically discusses the use of open source software called AbBab3D, which is used for a 3D voxel-based modeling library Shapeways has developed.

Before joining Shapeways in 2012, Bulatov was doing academic research in theoretical physics at St. Petersburg University and Imperial College and developing software for non visual access to scientific information at ViewPlus Technologies.

The talk gets pretty technical at some points, but you’ll enjoy it if you are into understanding how some of the 3D modeling process works.