Grad Student Designs Custom-Made 3D Printed Shoes

A graduate student from Philadelphia University has taken shoes to the next level.

Matthew Flail has designed Footprint Footwear, 3D printed shoes that fit to the exact specifications of a person’s foot.

According to Flail, his shoes can also help solve foot problems by working with foot doctors to help design a shoe that best meets a person’s needs.

“Through case-specific advisements from certified podiatrists and pedorthists we analyze individual foot structure and gait pattern to create unique footwear solutions that are built exactly to your specifications,” states Flail on his website.

Another benefit of the shoes is that the custom printing method eliminates the waste associated with standard shoe manufacturing while at the same time allowing the insole to literally conform to a wearer’s own footprint.


While having the texture of foam shoes like Crocs, Flail said his shoes are tough and will not deform under normal wear and tear.

They also reduce stress on both legs and feet, helping reduce injury and muscle fatigue in wearers.

Photo Credit: Footprint Footwear