Guy 3D Prints Tiny Circular Saw – And It Works!

A man from New Zealand has 3D printed a little tiny circular saw and apparently it works.

Lance Abernethy first started his tiny tool venture with a 3D printed tiny power drill. After it garnered international media attention, he decided to focus on his next Lilliputian tool.

“The saw was just a natural progression from the drill,” Abernethy told “I would like to be able to make a whole set of power tools just like my Makita set I have. I’m not sure how many I will get around to making though.”


He even printed little cases for his tiny tools to fit.

“I also printed little briefcases for them to go in as you can see in the video,” Abernethy explained. “I actually made this a few months ago and will start making more stuff soon, once I get back into 3d printing.”

Although the saw doesn’t actual cut very well (although it operates just like its full-size cousin), he plans on making one in the future that will actually cut.

He also plans on working on a tutorial so everyone can print their own tiny tool collection at home.