Guy Creates Awesome Bubble Maker Especially for Special Needs Kids

A maker who goes by the name of“Scratchhax,” has used 3D printing to take bubble making to a whole new level.

His bubble making bucket is capable of blowing 14,000 bubbles a minute filling a space with bubbly-fun.

To make it even better, he also did it for a great cause.

Scratchhax’s wife works with special needs kids and he wanted all kids – no matter what their ability – to be able to join in on the bubble-making fun.

“The idea [for the Bubble Bucket] had two origins; the first one being that my kids and I just really enjoy having a bubble machine to play with when the weather is nice,” good guy Scratchhax told “The second reason was from my Wife [who is] working with special needs children and wanting to use the idea of a bubble machine, hooked to a switch that they could control regardless of physical ability as a re-enforcer.”

The Bubble Bucket works the same way as a motorcycle chain drive. The 3D printed bubble wands rotate into a bucket of bubble solution and back out where a fan blows the bubbles.

Scratchhax explained the nitty-gritty.

“The wands, chain, sprockets, hinge pins and motor housing are all 3D printed,” Scratchhax said. “I’m using a 4mm shaft coupler to join the motor to the drive sprocket, a 60RPM gear head motor to drive everything and aluminum extrusion to hold everything in the bucket.

He has also uploaded the files and instructions on Thingiverse for anyone to download them for free so they can make their own Bubble Bucket.