Hardware Superstore Home Depot Gets into 3D Printing Act

Home Depot has built its brand catering to the do-it-yourself home owner.  So it would actually make sense that the hardware super store is adding 3D Printers to their product offerings.  Perhaps a lot more sense than to be in the 2D Printing shops where the average customer is not a hacker or maker.


Starting on July 14, about a dozen brick-and-mortar Home Depot locations in California, the greater Chicago area and New York City will be selling the MakerBot that is very popular with the DIY crowd.  Home Depot says that the stores will have staff on hand who are knowledgeable enough to do demos.  Now that’s no small feat, training staff who may be new to 3D Printing, and these salespeople are going to also be making free giveaways as marketing samples.

In addition, Home Depot will be selling the MakerBot on their eCommerce website.  Speaking of big box stores selling 3D Printers online, Staples is offering the 2nd generation Cube 3D Printer at a discounted $999 US on their website.  No doubt this price reduction was spurred by the introduction of the new Cube3.  If you don’t mind having the older model, it’s a good deal and available right now!