The Hats Off to 3D Printing Design Challenge Runway Show

i.materialise just recently chose the winners of a contest called the Hats Off to 3D Printing Design Challenge. The winners had their designs shown on a fashion runway at the Materialise World Conference of 2012 in Leuven. Top industry professionals from around the world gathered to celebrate the latest achievements in additive manufacturing. i.materilize captured it on video and here it is for you to enjoy.

Let me say one thing unrelated to the hats: thank you for not picking a bunch of anorexic, sickly looking models that are usually found on runway shows!

And here is an i.materialize video of an interview with the winner of the show, Mark Bloomfield, along with his winning masterpiece, Daisy.

If you’re interested, here are the objective and rules of the contest:

The Objective

Design a 3D printed hat or a hair accessory for a fashion model. The design has to be in white to accompany the black outfit of the models on the runway. (The actually wore white outfits, and looked lovely.)

The Rules

  • Your design must fit within a space of 20x20x20cm
  • Your file size can be no larger than 100Mb
  • Details need to be at least 1mm in size to be printable
  • We’ll need a render of your design and the 3D file itself to consider it a valid entry

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