HCx3DP MeetUp in NYC Features Medical Devices & BioTech

Next week HCx3DP – a group of New Yorkers exploring the intersection of HealthCare and 3D Printing – will hold a live meet up wth a roundtable featuring medical devices and biotech.

Industry representatives with expertise in the field will each present a short talk which is followed by a group discussion.  Speakers include:

Sarah Boisvert: Co-Founder and Chief 3D Printing Officer of Potomac Photonics, a digital fabrication service provider with particular emphasis in the Medical Device and BioTech industries. Potomac integrates 3D Printing with laser and CNC micromachining as well as other techniques for fabricating on micron spatial scales.

Sylvain Preumont: Founder & Director of iMakr of London and New York City. His innovative retail operations foreshadow how this rapidly developing 3DP segment of DIY/DIT end-users, makers, consumers and prosumers are likely to support, lead and invent 3D Printing’s future. We foresee a retail-driven marketplace for DIY Healthcare participants and players—especially with potential strategic alliances with new HC communities like Maker Nurses.

Kelly Reilly: Director of Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice,Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, is a fast-paced innovator in the tech-based practice of today’s compassionate nursing. In the last year, Kelly instituted the first Mini Maker Faire at an American hospital, was an early U.S. chapter-adopter of MakerNurse.org initiatives (founded at MIT) at Maimonides and chaired the Planning Committee of the Maimonides Second Annual Nursing Research Conference.

Arthur Young-Spivey: Digital Fabrication Specialist at NRI, a digital-offerings service bureau—supporting the enterprise and professionals—from nine offices in the Northeast Corridor and major cities around the U.S. NRI has now enhanced its integrated technology, data and document management services—delivered on-site or from its production centers—with professional 3DP capabilities.

Jamie Milas: Marketing Manager at Materialize’s Biomedical Business Unit—a service bureau for medical professionals—in Plymouth, Michigan. Jamie will join us virtually from Michigan to discuss Materialise’s Biomedical Engineering, Cranio-Maxillofacial and Orthopaedics service-bureau offerings.

The meeting will be held Tuesday, February 3, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at software developer ThoughtWorks’ Manhattan office. For details and to sign up, please go to the HCx3DP MeetUp Page.