High-Res Printing May Make 3D Printed Stripe Marks a Thing of the Past

Stripe marks are currently a dead giveaway that an object has been 3D printed. New, high-resolution printing, however, may soon make those telltale stripes a thing of the past.

A group of scientists from South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology have developed a new way to 3D print that allows the printing of objects as small as a blood cell.

The electrohydrodynamic inkjet process designed by the team uses specially designed inks that layer to form tiny 3D shapes (see below)


These microscopic designs can allow 3D printers to print object smaller than the eye can see – as small as 0.001-millimeters in size – providing a new means of printing tiny circuitry and electrical objects. They can also help change the appearance of larger objects.

Using such a fine printing method, it is possible to create objects with a smooth texture right off the printer, meaning the telltale 3D striped patterns and roughness may soon be gone.

Photo Credit: Gizmodo