The High-Resolution Veloso 3D Printer Kit


Junior Veloso at 3D Homemade has been working for years on creating a high resolution 3D printer at an affordable price. Finally, he’s got his working prototype created, and is anxious to being producing the DIY kits for the public. So, he’s now put the project up for crowdfunding at Indiegogo. With 59 days remaining on the campaign to reach $300,000, he’s already collected almost $40,000. I call that a very good start.

The Veloso 3D printer uses a technology based on liquid polymers and light. It’s similar to Stereolithography (SLA), and he uses a DLP light source to solidify the resin. Here are his specs:

  • Building Area: 150X112X200mm XYZ
  • DLP Projector: 1024X768 (Native)
  • Resolution: 15 to 100 Microns Z – 147 microns XY (XY resolution can be improved by reducing the building area – this will be possible in the kit)
  • Weight: under 15 KG for complete kit
  • Size: Desktop printer size
  • Office friendly: low noise (almost nothing)

That’s just the 3D printer. He’s also spent two years creating his own software, which he says has no competition in the SME and DIY markets at an affordable price. It will work on any STL file, and runs on Windows only. The software shown in the first half of the video above is Veloso’s software; his youtube page has a more comprehensive video of his software.

You can help Veloso fund this project via Indiegogo by pledging as little as $59. This will get you a PDF with information for a hobbyist to design and develop his own 3D printer; note these are not instructions. There are six levels of pledge amounts, with the highest at $3,999 which will get you the full kit, software and one kilogram of resin. Go to his project page to see what the other four pledge levels will get you. And remember, if the full $300,000 is not reached in the 60 day time period, your money comes out of escrow and back into your hands. If he is 100% funded, he expects that he will have the first kits ready three months after the campaign closes.

It’s not cheap for a DIY 3D printer. But it’s the highest resolution one out there.

Funding page: Indiegogo 3D Printer


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  1. Lukas Zeller says:

    Really fascinating! Hope the project will reach its funding goal.

    From the videos however I would conclude the software is Mac-only, not Windows-only. Everything shown in the videos is undoubtedly Mac.

  2. andrew phillips says:

    very nice, i’m looking for a low cost 3d printer. please supply more information…thanks.

  3. CHEN says:

    Hello Sir how are you ? My English is not well…
    I come from Taiwan.
    I would like to ask you some problems.
    Does this list of machine production of hollow articles supports it? Hollow ball
    Because I see the video demonstration hollow ball inside of your company’s website does not seem supports.
    Or other pharmaceutical cleansed?
    I have seen the video, I felt the machine resolution is very high so it is interested …
    I can pass a file to you .Could you help me make a sample .Then take pictures for me . if the quality is very good and I’ll order the machine..
    I made something very small .I want to make something be worried purchase can not be produced. so..could you help ME?
    Another Question How much USD , about one kilogram of the material costs . Machine sent to Taiwan from the United States about how much freight? About how much the price of the cost of a gram? thank you very much.

  4. Beppe Gatti says:

    … I cannot reach the “Veloso 3d printer” web site ???
    how can I contact them to get a 3D printer kit ?


  5. Beppe Gatti says:

    Hi Mark !
    thank you for the link but … I still do not understand how to buy a 3printer ??
    If you have any suggestion I will appreciate

    Bye bye

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