Hire my daughter for your 3D printing company

My daughter has recently graduated from the excellent Biomedical Engineering program at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. Of course, she’s looking for a job now, and of course, I’m being the dad here with this page. And, when she finds out I’ve done this she’s going to kill me, I’m sure.

She did a lot of engineering in the program, worked with 3D printers, and is a whiz at Solidworks. Of course she know her biomedical stuff as well. And as an added bonus, she a vibrant, outgoing entrepreneurial person that can excel in any public area, with customers or community. A dynamo might be the best word for her.

She’s an unusually well-rounded and talented individual-she can design your model or she can represent your company in any way, and she can sell anything to anyone.

Check out her resume at her LinkedIn page and if you like what you see, contact her. She’s ready to move, anywhere.