Horrify yourself with 3DMe Horror

When Cubify’s 3DMe launched, a market with long unmet demand was tapped. Every boy that’s played with action figures has wanted one of himself with his face, and I’d bet girls experience a similar desire. There’d be no more fighting evil robots vicariously through Scorpion or Hulk Hogan — with an action figure of me, I could fight off the robots. I mean, the kids could. Sadly, 3D printing hasn’t produced the personal action figure. Yet; of course, it’s always yet with 3D printing. They’re half a step away, as 3DMe does provide personal figurines, which is an action figure that isn’t poseable and can’t be played with.


3DMe offers a growing selection of body choices including chef, doctor, suit, surfer, and several sport themed uniforms. Cubify later launched a Star Trek version of 3DMe, which nerds rejoiced far and wide. Soon after, a TNG edition was added (the first was only uniforms from The Original Series)Those that always wanted to be a science officer on Enterprise could hold a miniature version of that reality that surely exists in some parallel universe. The latest installment of 3DMe is Horror.

3DMe Horror

Just in time for Halloween, the Horror edition let’s you zombify and curse yourself with vampirism. These are also great gifts for any horror fans out there. The same simple procedure applies to making them as to all other 3DMe figurines: choose the body and attributes, upload a couple photos, and pay Cubify $69.99. Around 10 days later you’ll have 5.5 horrific inches of mini you.