Inspirational Story of the 3D Printed Bottle Opener


After surviving a battle with cancer and then watching her daughter overcome the same thing, Janet Scaturro knows just how much it can mean to be able to do something as simple as opening your own water bottle on your own.

As if battling cancer isn’t hard enough, Scaturro also lost the ability to perform everyday duties by herself. Simple things such as opening a bottle of water were impossible.

When there is little else you can do for yourself, opening your own water can mean all the difference, enabling you to be able to do something on your own. Capeze is the happy outcome we all like to hear about. After battling and beating cancer, Janet chooses to see the positive side of things.

After watching her mother struggle to open her own bottle of water, and rely upon her husband to do the simple tasks for her, Janet’s daughter Luann came up with an idea. Capeze is a simple 3D printed plastic piece that can mean the difference between disability and ability for many. Capeze was designed and created using 3D printing technology and gives those who have difficulties or limited strength the power to open their own water or can of soda.

Janet and Luann teamed up with Shapeways to manufacture and produce 3D printed Capeze for just $10. The lightweight colorful bottle opener comes engraved with inspirational messages and a portion of proceeds from every purchase is donated to cancer research.

To help the cause, head over to and purchase your own Capeze for a friend or loved one. Capeze is the little item that can make all the difference.