Intel Unveils Giant Dancing Spiderbot

A giant spiderbot named “Big Mama” was just unveiled at the most recent Intel IDF.

Big Mama features an Intel’s Core i7 processor for a brain and a RealSense camera for its eyes. The mega-bot is also pieced together with 9,000 individually 3D printed parts.

She also had some pretty impressive dance moves.

“I don’t think robotic spiders are going to be responsible for the end of the world, but they could definitely start a new dance craze,” Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich said as Big Mama unleashed some arachnofabulous moves.

Despite being so complex, the Intel team said Big Mama actually only took a week.

“Intel received a lot of publicity earlier in the year with their smaller spider robots, so for IDF this year, the Intel team wanted to do something that would make a real splash,” Mike North of North Design Labs said. “They wanted to create a huge version of their spider-bot. In a very short time, literally a week, we were able to design it, 3D print it, and fit parts on the robot.”


Click on image to watch her in motion

Big Mama, whose legs have lights to add to her performance was a hit.

You can also watch a video of the making of the spiderbots that was featured at IDF15 above