Israel Military Now 3D Printing Drones

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have started 3D printing drones using American-made printers.

The IDF has been testing 3D printers capable of making pieces for drones. While not working on printing the electronic components just yet, this 3D printing capability combined with widely available traditionally made electronic components paves the way for making affordable drones on-site and in large quantities.

According to 3D Print, putting drone components together into a fly-worthy final produce should be a “piece of cake.”

“Considering the amount of production being delegated to 3D printers for fabrication of high-quality components in areas like automotive and aerospace, this is certainly no stretch, and putting a drone in the air should be a piece of cake compared to many of the other items being constructed,” 3D Print reports.

So far, the IDF has not announced a timeline as to when the 3D printed fleet might reasonably be expected to hit the skies.

However, the drones are just one more way militaries around the world are incorporating 3D printing to better meet their supply and defense needs.

Photo Credit: 3D Print (drone)