Israeli Student 3D Prints Entire Fashion Collection from Home

An Israeli fashion student wanted to do something different for her final design project. So, she decided to explore 3D printing her fashions using technology available to at-home consumers.

Danit Peleg, a recent graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, estimates it took her 2000 hours to print the collection at home and 9 months of research to find a way to create a fabric-like feel to her work.

She also told Mashable that while she didn’t know much about 3D printing when she started out, it was worth the challenge to be able to design not only the cut but also the material used to create her fashion pieces.

“I wanted to challenge myself to print the entire collection using home 3D printers,” Peleg explained. “To be honest, I also wanted to have the freedom to make my own textiles as opposed to depending on what I’d find on the market.”

Peleg also created a video of her experiment (above) and says she believes 3D printing is the future of fashion design.

“[3D] technology will help democratize fashion and give designers more independence in the creation process,” she writes on her website, explaining her groundbreaking work.

Photo Credit: Daria Ratiner