What the…? Octogenarian demonstrates playing Ping Pong with a 3D printed “Springball”

The above video showed up this morning on the Shapeways blog today. Maybe I just didn’t have enough coffee yet or something, but after watching it, I wondered if perhaps Shapeways forgot to insert the suggestion that one should be a little high to watch it. LOL. With the old guy bouncing around in high-speed motion, the multiple twirling models and logos and the lack of sound, this is one odd video. Odd, but I love it. And the lack of any sound just makes it more strange. Again, strangely lovable.

The video features “Octogenarian John Predescu — The Dean of all active Romanian video-reporters in the entire world!!!” What a crack up. John is demonstrating the Springball, a 3D printed “high bounce springy ball,” created by Opresco, that you can buy at Shapeways for $14.33.

While watching the video on it’s Youtube page, I saw there was another video that featured the 86 year old Romanian. And this one has sound (well, they got the sound to kick in at 00:42), and you can see and hear that Predescu is quite a character. In this video, he describes how he’s able to con a free second beer out of a bartender with his 3D-printed “Dad’s Beer Ring” that you can also buy at Shapeways.

John needs his own Youtube channel, the guy has the goods to go viral.

Source: Shapeways