Keysafe backs up and 3D prints copies of your keys

Security is a big deal, and I don’t mean internet and financial security. I’m talking old fashioned lock-and-key security. It’s the most common method of keeping property and people safe by limiting access. As long as you’ve got your keys, you can get in your home and car; but if you lose your keys you’ll likely be paying a locksmith or dealership to replace them. Unless you have insurance through Belgian DVV. They offer Keysafe, a key backup service that creates printable copies of keys through 3D scanning.

Clients meet with a representative and have their keys 3D scanned on the spot. If clients ever lose a key, they can simply download the copy from the cloud and have it printed at a shop or on a friend’s printer. Copies can also be sent to print services to be printed in nylon or metal, though they’ll function in ABS and PLA. Of course, new keys with fobs or other electronic protection can’t be copied. Yet. Some MIT students already developed a method of copying the highly-secure Schlage Primus keys with 3D printing.