Kossel Clear: the full-sized delta 3D printer (Kickstarter printer #17)

Thanks to Johann Rocholle makers have the Kossel 3D printer. Like RepRaps, it’s named after a scientist known for researching evolution in some way, in this case a biochemist named Albrecht Kossel who made breakthroughs in genetics. The Kossel is a delta robot based off of the Rostock prototype. It’s becoming a popular and growing family. Besides the Mini Kossel that you can build for around $600, there have been a couple kits crowdfunded. DeltaMaker was funded in February and it’s already in production, though still backordered. Then came OpenBeam Kossel Pro in June. Now Kickstarter has propelled Kossel Clear into preproduction.

Clear brings more aesthetic and cost effectiveness to the Kossel family. It’s named after its acrylic rods/arms, sliders, and connector bits. As the Blue Eagle Labs team has a lasser cutter, producing their own acrylic parts grants them more control and cost savings. Clear will bring more innovation to the Kossel printers because clear video instructions of assembly will be posted online. Getting more makers comfortable with the delta design will increase its rate of adoption and development. Speaking of development, all the Kossels mentioned in this article share an amazing feature: auto-calibration. That’s right, no more frustration over bed leveling. Check out the Mini Kossel auto-calibrating and perfectly starting a print:

Clear can do that too. Proper levelness of the bed is crucial for the first layer to adhere correctly, which is required for a quality print. Automated calibration streamlines the entire experience to a point that users don’t have to be techies. Kossels are fast too, including the Clear. Here are its specs:

  • Filament type: PLA and ABS (with upgrade)
  • Filament size: 1.75mm
  • Speed: 320mm/s
  • Resolution: 100 steps/mm
  • Repeatability: better than 30 microns
  • Minimum layer thickness: 100 microns
  • Build volume: 279mm diameter x 279mm height cylinder
  • Footprint: triangular, 430mm sides
  • Height: 750mm
  • Upgrades available: LCD screen and sD slot, aluminum arms, OpenBeam extrusions

And about those cost savings, they get passed to backers. Kits are available for $550 and a fully assembled Clear can be reserved for $1000. It’s no wonder the campaign was fully funded in its first day.