Korean 3D Printed Jewelry Launch


A Seoul, Korea-based jewelry company founded in 2011 has recently launched its 3D printing services.

Unlike other 3D printing companies which specialize in various services, JewelDistrict only specializes in 3D printing jewelry.

The idea behind JewelDistrict’s 3D printing services is simple: allow users to create jewelry designs and have their designs 3D printed. Users are able to upload their design, choose between silver or brass, and select which options they want in terms of finishes, plating, and stone settings. All of the jewelry is unique and 3D printed.

Prices vary depending on size, material, and finish. The price tag for silver jewelry is $30 (per piece) plus $20 x volume (per cm3).

JewelDistrict is a collaboration of software engineers and jewelry designers striving to perfect the jewelry designing process. Located in the heart of Seoul, the company offers their services worldwide, enabling you to effortlessly acquire that unique piece of jewelry that you’ve always wanted. They have a fast turnaround time as well. Depending on the materials selected, your jewelry can be completed in less than ten days.

The CEO of JewelDistrict says that 3D printing has changed the potential of the jewelry industry and enables many to print and wear 3D printed yet fashionable jewelry.

The recent launch of their website: www.jeweldistrict.com, has led the generous team to offer a discount of 50% off your first order, and 20% off all other orders proceeding through the end of May – so don’t delay, order your very own customized, fully 3D printed jewelry today!

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