Lacking Something in Your Tesla Model S? 3D Printers Can Help


Imagine for a moment that you have finally purchased the car of your dreams. The car that has everything you could have ever wanted, is fun to drive and best of all – has all that extra room for luggage. But on your first spin around the block, you realize something; the car of your dreams is lacking a very basic necessity.

While the Tesla Model S may have gotten it right with the latest gadgets and extras – there is one thing that many are finding it is lacking. That is, the cup holders.

The Tesla Model S is the world’s first premium electric sedan. It features a sleek design, it’s fun to drive, and it has a ton of room.

Perhaps the creators of the Tesla Model S assumed drivers would be too consumed driving to notice this lacking detail. Or, maybe they were too consumed with perfecting the other features of the car to notice this small detail. Whatever the reason, many Tesla Model S owners are finding that the cup holders – or lack thereof, present a problem.

Tesla had announced plans to release a premium center console, complete with the much-needed cup holders. The console will be priced somewhere in the $500 range.

But OleEichhorn, a user at Thingiverse, has come up with an alternative idea. According to 3Ders, he designed a 3D printable center console, specifically designed to fit the Tesla Model S. “I designed it with TinkerCad and have printed it on a MakerBot Replicator 2. All you need besides filament and patience is an exacto knife and some superglue,” OleEichhorn said.

Although the design was made with his custom needs in mind, the console fits perfectly and holds a few basic items – such as a water bottle, and an iPhone.

For Tesla Model S owners, what do you think? Is this enough incentive for you to purchase your own 3D printer?