LazeeEye to Turn Phones Into 3D Cameras


Introducing the LazeeEye: an add-on that turns your camera phone into a 3D camera.

Using a laser illuminator hardware add-on and a stereo vision processing app, the LazeeEye allows your existing camera phone to see in 3D. Basically, with LazeeEye, the camera will take a picture by looking at the scene from different angles and dimensional depths instead of just one point of view.

The 3D images will make it possible to do a range of unique editing techniques; such as replacing the background, changing the angle, lighting, removing photo bombers, and a range of other edits that might not otherwise be possible with many 2D pictures. LazeeEye can even capture models of objects or people –which would come in handy for 3D printing or CAD modeling.

“The app will provide export to several open data formats, such as STL and PLY, that can be imported into your 3D printing application,” states LazzeeEye’s Kickstarter page.

While LazeeEye is still in prototype stage, and there aren’t many images of the device itself as of yet, the makers of LazeeEye hope to put the 3D imagery into the hands of more people. The makers of LazeeEye also add that the LazeeEye itself is different from existing products, and that it’s “smaller and cheaper.”

LazeeEye is currently on Kickstarter hoping to raise $250,000 to support the work needed to develop and improve the hardware and design. Head over to the LazeeEye Kickstarter page to learn more, or to pledge your support.