Lego Considers 3D Printing as a Way to Connect With Customers


As 3D printing continues to pick up steam, affecting various sectors across the manufacturing industry, many big-name companies are looking to expand their business by taking advantage of this technology.

Lego, the world’s second largest toymaker, happens to be one of those companies that are considering adopting 3D printing technology to help further their brand.

Like any company that hopes to keep ahead of the trends, Lego has continually adapted over the years to keep up with the changing times. For Lego, 3D printing may be the latest step forward, towards reaching customers in the digital age.

“3-D printing is a fascinating development and certainly opens up a lot of new avenues,” said John Goodwin, Lego’s CFO. “We are looking very intently at it and monitoring it, looking at what potential opportunities there are for consumers.”

Marketing manager Mads Nipper, adds that the company is looking to add exciting new opportunities for their customers. But they don’t have any plans to use 3D printing to mass-produce their own Lego products – at least not yet. Their current production process already produces more than 2000 Lego bricks per second, and 3D printing wouldn’t be able to speed their production process. Not yet, anyway.

But Nipper hints that the chance to 3D print customizable Legos might be something that we’ll be seeing in the near future. “It could well be that it might be an exciting opportunity to print your own bricks.” says Nipper.

Lego is no stranger to keeping up with changing technology. Lego enthusiasts can already custom design their own Lego figures. And Lego uses 3D printing to create prototypes and to test new products. They have used 3D printing to develop Lego versions of the Simpsons characters.

It may be that Lego will use 3D printing as a way to add exciting new features to their Lego ranges. Customizable, 3D printable Legos is something that many hope to see. This would allow fans and customers to express their creativity in new and exciting ways.