MAKE’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing out Tuesday

MAKE Ultimate Guide to 3D PrintingJust a quick note to let you know that MAKE Magazine has published their first comprehensive guide on 3D printing, called the Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing.

They set up a test lab with 15 of the most sought after 3D printers and a team of “luminaries in the 3D printing world” to test both the printers. The heart of this special issue is a 38-page buyers guide which offers detailed reviews of each printer, along with tests and pro tips, with at-a-glance comparisons and recommendations. The guide also looks beyond hardware, at the software required to scan and design objects. And there’s more to it than that, which you can hear about in the video below. Here’s their summary of the contents:

  • Choosing a printer that’s perfect for you
  • Getting started once you have a printer
  • Software choices for CAD, CAM, and printer control
  • Options for 3D printing without a printer
  • Gallery of coolest and most useful prints
  • Detailed list of materials options
  • Options for scanning objects to print
  • Inspirational 3D printing applications in medicine
  • 3D printed objects that are on the market today
  • Tons of resources

But now that I’ve got you all excited, I have to tell you that it won’t be available until Tuesday, November 20. (If I had read MAKE’s announcement more carefully I would not have driven down to Barnes and Noble this morning looking for it.) On Tuesday you can either head down to your local newsstand, or you can order an electronic copy of it from MakerShed. I tried to buy a copy of it online today for $9.95, but MakerShed apparently is not letting them out the virtual door until Tuesday either.

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