Maker Faire Video: 3D images from a 2D printer, hologram printing and a sick 3D scanner

By all accounts, last week’s Maker Faire show in the Bay Area was a roaring success. There have been quite a few videos of the event floating around, and here’s one I especially like, from YouTube Channel The Tech Feed.

In this short video, Scott takes a look at three products that let’s you print 3D images on a 3D printer. He spoke with representatives from ModelBox about their software that allows you to print 2D files on clear film to display a 3D image. He also interviews Zebra Images about their hologram printing technology, and Lynx Laboratories about their incredible 3D scanner.

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    oh, ok. 3D-images from 2D-prints. what about kinda hologram from 2D-prints like my art? I am a berlin resident artis who make hologram-objects with the technique of “integral-imaging” which is called today mostly “light-field” since 2008 (research started 2003 on my own). based on 2D-prints.


    or this one to see it in detail:

    the optical elements are also of course selfmade. want more information?