MakerBot announces Adafruit Replicator 2 and holds Thingiverse Hackathon

adafruit replicator 2

MakerBot may have made the Replicator 2 closed source, but they don’t want to be excluded from the “hack” community. This is evidenced by two makey announcements. First is the limited edition Adafruit Replicator 2. Second is the first ever annual MakerBot Thingiverse Hackathon.

Since so many of the Adafruit customers are also MakerBot customers, the two companies formed a partnership to support the DIY customer base. If you’re not familiar, Adafruit sells all kinds of DIY make stuff, like the powerful single-board computer Raspberry Pi. And the Pi is part of the partnership; along with the TIMESQUARE DIY Watch Kit and the MintyBoost Kit, the Pi is being sold at the Brooklyn MakerBot store. To really tie it all together, they created an Adafruit version of the Replicator 2 with a custom build plate; all three of those previously mentioned kits are also included, as well as 3D printable files made special for the three kits. Limor Fried, Founder of Adafruit Industries, had this to say: “We were one of the first early adopters of 3D printing and it’s exciting to now be able to partner with a growing company like MakerBot and provide both of our customers a product they can explore, build, print, and have fun with.”

makerbot hackathon

The other announcement, the Thingiverse Hackathon, is a two-day event (April 6th and 7th) for all you developers that like to play with the Thingiverse Customizer. “With the Thingiverse API out in the wild, we want the most creative and daring developers from NYC and beyond to help us explode the potential of our giant repository of 3D designs.” There will be energy drinks, 3D printing, presentations, and prizes. As of this writing there are 25 FREE tickets left, so if you’d like to get in on the fun, claim yours now.