Mama Mia! Google cooks up some 3D-printed pasta.

Google is known for letting its employees do their own thing for some of their workday. And as you may also know, they offer free meals to their employees in their onsite cafeteria. And now the chef in Google’s kitchen is doing his own thing as well. To be more exact, he’s doing his employees’ own thing in his kitchen.

It turns out that Google’s cafeteria has a 3D printer in the kitchen that prints out pasta. With customized-everything all the rage, why not pasta? And of all places, of course it would be at Google. Chef Bernard Faucher says that since everyone as their own favorite style of pasta, he can program their 3D printer to create any conceivable, printable shape. Spagetti-G’s anyone?

We’ve seen 3D printers in many food applications recently, particularly in baking and with chocolates, but this is the first we heard of printing up pasta. What’s next–custom 3D printed shapes of meatballs?

Watch the video interview of Chef Faucher at Dance New England, going on now in Freedom, New Hampshire. We’ve begun the video at Minute 3:04, where he begins discussing the 3D pasta maker. If you are a foodie and are interested in the whole interview on the differences of cooking at Dance New England versus at Google, just move the timeline slider back to the beginning.

h/t: WebProNews