Meet the $100 3D Printed SelfieBot

For people who can’t live without their phones now there is a 3D printed solution to your hands-free selfie needs.

The SelfieBot, designed by a Russian Maker, promises to offer the ultimate way to take selfies.

According to designer George Fomitchev, though, it is really much, much more.

The SelfieBot has an on-board power supply and when connected to your phone can be made into a wifi camera, a video baby monitor and a video-conferencing device.


“Our device adds new dimensions to your mobile abilities transforming your gadget into a smart machine,” Fomitchev, who runs the start-up Endurance explained.

It also is sensitive to your movement so it can follow you around the room, making sure you are never out of the shot.

“We plan to make SelfieBot move smart, so it can follow you perfectly,” Fomitchev said on his IndieGoGo page. “So that it will react to you and your movements if you are nearby.”

People with 3D printers and a bit of design know-how can also purchase a Hacker kit to build their very own, customizable SelfieBot for $100.

Prebuilt SelfieBots are also available for around $150.