MeshLab Review

meshlab screen

MeshLab is 3D mesh editor that enables users working on 3D modeling and printing projects to develop advanced projects with photorealistic quality. Mesh editing is the essential next step after a photo scan has been conducted. A 3D mesh is created after the scanning process is complete and represents what the actual object might look like. However, to ensure high quality rendering, editing of the mesh is required.

MeshLab enables users to edit, clean, heal, inspect, and render complex 3D meshes of any size and complexity. A cross platform software program that started out as a project of students at the University of Pisa in 2005, MeshLab now offers commercial quality tools through the offerings of the Visualization and Computer Graphics Library and support from the open source community.

Mesh Lab accepts imports and exports in multiple formats and supplies a painting interface for selecting, smoothing, and coloring meshes. Open source coding also allows users to make interactive selections or deletions of even large models with complete transparency of how the pixels in the original image are being transformed. Cleaning filters also allow for the removal of duplicates, small isolated components, the filling of holes, and coherent unification, in addition to other features.

Ideal for users who know the type of filter they need to correct a mesh, MeshLab offers advanced features the include remeshing filters and colorization/inspection filters that improve the workflow process and eliminate the time it takes to fix a 3D scan. Key options in these features include Ambient Occlusion, which users are able to compute and store per vertex, and an advanced hole restoration feature that allows holes with irregularly shaped borders to be successfully closed with non self-intersecting patches. The final result is a perfected 3D model that is fluid and ready for print.

  • bonooobong

    a really nice tool for generative 3d modelling and 3d printing enthusiast, I’v made several design of mine with Meshlab in the post-processing and optimisation phase, for example these voronoi jewelries:

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