MeshMixer Review

meshmixer screen

MeshMixer is a 3D modeling and printing software that allows users to blend existing meshes to create new 3D models within minutes. With countless mesh libraries existing on the internet, users can let their imagination run wild to develop basic or even, very strange objects and creatures.

A cross platform software available on Windows and MacOS X, MeshMixer is the ideal application for beginning users and those looking to just have fun with the modeling process. Users lacking specific CAD skills will appreciate the ease with which they can mix together existing models and tweak them to create something entirely new. Advanced users can also benefit from the software by having an easy application that can transform and model multiple custom made meshes, to manage functionality and discover errors. Users with multiple existing models can also enjoy making those models come to life in ways that were previously unimagined.

Because of its ease of use, modelers can experiment more liberally with wild designs that in other applications may take too long to create to be worth the risk. Now, creating an animal with a human head or a monster with multiple arms is a simple, three minute project. MeshMixer has also just updated its user interface to make it more intuitive and seamless in design. Other new features in the software’s latest update include Soft Transform, a Strength Analysis Tool to detect stress, new shading modes, and new measuring tools.

For transforming models into printable surfaces, MeshMixer has also added a Support Structure Generation tool which allows for 3D printing in the Overhand Tool. Users new to experimenting with 3D printing can benefit from the video tutorial which explains how to use the new Support Structure feature. New, all-right-mouse button actions also reduce the amount of time it takes to access tools.

MeshMixer is available as an open source software meaning that is free to all users.