MiiCraft DLP 3D printer at Indiegogo for $1,999


Crowdfunding strikes again! Kickstarter and Indiegogo have seen several 3D printer funding campaigns lately, and now we have another one starting up. This time is the MiiCraft resin-based, DLP 3D printer seeking a reasonable $100,000 of funding on Indiegogo.

We highlighted the new MiiCraft 3D resin-based DLP printer back in April in the article, MiiCraft, the Latest Contender in Home, Resin-based 3D Printing. Information on their site then was sparse, but now that they’re making a splash on Indiegogo, everything you should need to know is there, and it looks like a heck of a bargain for a DLP 3D printer.

miicraft detail

Get a load of this detail!

For just $1,999, you get a fully assembled 3D Printer based upon SLA technology, complete with open source software. (SLA is short for Stereolithography, which produces a significantly higher resolution print than FDM systems. An SLA 3D printer concentrates a beam of light onto the surface of a vat filled with liquid photocurable photopolymer (resin). The light beam “draws out” the 3D model one thin layer at a time, hardening that “slice” of the eventual 3D model as the light hits the resin.) The MiiCraft is uses a Pico DLP projector for the light source.

Here are the specs:

  • X/Y Resolution: 450ppi (56 micron)
  • Z-Axis (single layer thickness): 0.1mm (100 micron)
  • Hardware can support up to 0.005mm (5 micron)
  • Build Speed: 2cm per hour (up to 3cm/hr possible for some models)
  • Build Size (Footprint): 43mm x 27mm x 180mm
  • Full Kit Dimensions: 20.5cm (W) x 20.8cm (L) x 33.5cm (H)
  • Automatic Resin Supply System

The sensors will detect if the resin level is low, and pump resin into the reaction tank. It has the ability to withdraw resin from the reaction tank back into resin the cartridge for storage.

But wait, there’s more! If you order your MiiCraft 3D printer from the Indiegogo campaign, you’ll also receive a free MiiCraft™ Post Curing Device (USD 300 value), and one bottle of 500ml of Blue Resin (USD 138 value). The Post Curing Device fits right in the unit, for a nice, neat look (see video above). You can get the resin in either blue or transparant.

You’re getting not just the hardware, but also Arduino Mega 2560 firmware and a bundle of open source software they call the MiiCraft™ Suite (Python Base Software). The suite includes the MiiCraft™ Modeler, an “STL” model viewer and editor; the MiiCraft™ Slicer, which slices models into images; the MiiCraft™ Checker, which provides a visual check of the sliced image; and, the MiiCraft™ Controller, which operates the 3D printer and Post Curing Device.

That’s a lot of bang for the buck.

They will begin their first deliveries at the end of July, hoping to have all orders fulfilled within three months. Shipping is from $120 – $160.

For more information, and to order one yourself before they sell out, go to: Indiegogo MiiCraft Campaign page.

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  1. Mason David says:

    You do know that SLA machines involve a laser that moves around to cure the material, as opposed to a DLP projector? Good article but I don’t think it’s accurate to describe this as an SLA machine..

  2. adrien says:

    SLA just refers to Stereo (spatial) Lithography. It doesn’t require the light source to be a laser, so it’s entirely reasonable to call it SLA with a DLP projector…

    now if they can do one with an LCD + backlight

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