MIT spin-off Formlabs set to announce “revolutionary” 3D printer


UPDATE: The Formslab Form 1 3D Printer is announced!

When folks who previously worked at the MIT Media Labs start up a new company and say that something revolutionary is coming to the 3D printer world, we better pay attention. After all, this is the umbrella group for Mediated Matter group, which focuses on 3D printing — specifically, the “development and application of novel processes that enable and support the design of physical matter, and its adaptability to environmental conditions in the creation of form.”

The company, Formlabs, which raised $500,000 last year, is founded by Natan Linder, Maxim Lobovsky and David Cranor, all with roots at MIT Media Labs. The venture’s purpose was to develop “a high quality, low cost 3D printer that works out of the box. It enables designers and makers to create 3D forms by simply hitting the print button. Our products fuse a novel additive manufacturing technology with a unique design-centric approach to achieve an incredible user experience yet to be seen in 3D printing.”

They’ve apparently been busy, because they’re telling us now that something is about to be announced. Something important. Their website has just lit up with a new message:


Low-cost, High-Resolution 3D Printing

Simple. Elegant. Powerful. Get ready to experience a revolution in desktop 3D printing. Coming September 26, 2012.

And there is a box to enter your email address to sign up for the upcoming announcement next Wednesday.

A 3D printer that “works out of the box” is nothing new. And these days, neither is a low-cost printer. There’s got to be either some new technology involved. Better resolution at a lower cost is an evolution, not a “revolution.” So I’m assuming (rather, hoping) that there’s something new coming that’s technologically worthy of these guys’ MIT roots. My guess is there is.

Information about the new Formlabs 3D printer should begin leaking soon, and we’ll post up any rumors we hear in the comments below. You do the same. Feel free to post your guesses as well.

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  1. Dizingof says:

    Well i’ve used a Photoshop trick to bring dark areas to light and discovered that the new 3d printer is actually DLP/RESIN based:

    Looking forward to more info until next Wednesday..

  2. Juan Leon says:

    Please keep me informed. I hope to have one 3D printer in my school
    Juan R Leon

  3. mark says:

    @Dizingof :

    That’s awesome. I’m going to paste the image here so everyone can see it:

    formlabs 3D printer dlp



  5. Hartley Barclay says:

    Awesome possibilities !!!

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