ModiBots: the mix and match 3D printed figurines

modibots 3D printed

Some toys are only fun for a day, and after 24 hours all avenues of fun with said toys have been exhausted and the only thing left to do is blow them up with firecrackers (do not try this at home). But then there are some toys that are specifically designed to be fun today AND tomorrow, usually involving upgrades that you can buy to make the toys faster, stronger, better than before. Kids love those kinds of toys. Moms do not. The difference in opinion is monetary based, because kids don’t totally grasp the concept of bills, and moms definitely do. Jimmy wants the Ultra Mega Blastoid Ray, else Superguy won’t be able to defeat Doctor Evol! But the Ultra Mega Blastoid Ray costs $19.95 and mom wants to keep the lights on for another month. Sorry Jimmy, Superguy will have to use this cardboard gun I just cut out of the cereal box. But wait! There’s a new hero in town, ModiBot! Who courageously fights boring and overpriced evil doers with affordable, upgradeable parts!

From the mind of designer Wayne Losey came ModiBots, the 3D printed mix and match character/creature creator. They’re on Shapeways in all kinds of kits, from samurais to raptors, and there are lots of add-ons, like swords, axes, claw grippers, viking helmets, and more. Everything snaps together easily, and there are even Xevoz-compatible versions. There are over 100 figures, kits, and weapon and armor parts already, with more to come. Besides being 3D printed and customizable, what really separates ModiBots from similar toys is the price. Individual figurines start at around $17, and the kits with plenty of battle bits are about $10, with single upgrades, like karate hands, as low as $3. And since it’s from Shapeways you can choose the colors of your shield and shin guards separately.

I really hope these toys catch on. And I think they will because they’re in tune with what kids want — dynamic toys — and they fit with everybody’s budget. Sometimes I just want to be 10 again.

h/t: SolidSmack