Thing of the Week: Musical Mouthpieces

Usually it takes a moment of browsing for me to decide on the Thingiverse Thing of the Week, but not today. The first image I saw, the top featured item, delighted me instantly.

Parametric Mouthpiece 2.0 by Robo

parametric mouthpiece 3D printed

I played trumpet when I was in middle school and high school; it’s a lively instrument, and like most instruments, also expensive. The mouthpieces are the same, between $30 and $80, and they come in different pitches and tones, so having several is useful. According to Robo, this printed mouthpiece sounds like a Bach 5c, which is a nice mouthpiece ($40); with only a few dollars of filament, one could print a whole set. In the comments of this thing, there are discussions of printing a trombone version as well, which is the instrument my brother played in school.

Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece by Allanrps

alto saxmouthpiece 3d printed

My other brother played alto sax, and the mouthpieces for saxes are similarly priced. This one was modeled after a beginner Yamaha mouthpiece, but apparently it plays beautifully. While the creator used a 3D Systems V-Flash to print this, others have had success with cheaper printers.

If you own a trumpet, trombone, tuba, french horn, saxophone, or clarinet, these printed mouthpieces could save you piles of cash. If you don’t own any of those instruments, and you feel left out, then I hope you enjoy this printed kazoo and whistle.