NASA Space Suit: Vote Now!


NASA is asking for your help in choosing the design of its latest space suit.

This suit, known as “the Z-2 suit,” will feature 3D printed hardware and 3D human laser scans to help design it for development and sizing.

The suit is scheduled to be finished by November, and while it won’t actually be going to space, it will be used for ground-based testing.

With three designs on the table, the vote has been left in the hands of the public.

  • Option A is known as “Biomimicry,” and is said to mirror the qualities of those found at incredible depths of the ocean and draw inspiration from the scaly skins of fish and reptiles living across the globe. The design is also said to reflect the “Qualities that protect some of Earth’s toughest creatures.” This design offers segmented pleats at various joints and offers a reflective like wire across the upper torso.
  • Option B is simply known as “Technology,” which is relevant considering the technology that is being used to create such a suit. By using Luminex wire, the design offers a new way to look at spacewalking standards and offers a unique way to identify the crew members. This design offers collapsing pleats, making mobility a highlighted feature.
  • Option C is called “Trends in Society,” and is designed to reflect what some think that everyday clothes may look like in the near future. It was designed to mimic the look of sportswear combined with the latest technology. This design offers contrasting colors as well as patches of styles across both the upper and lower torso.

Voting will be open through April 15. Which one gets your vote?