Need a 3D Printed Doggie Wheelchair? There’s an Instructable for That

When Bubbles the dachshund was born, she had only two legs. Thanks to her owner, however, she is now one of the fastest pups in her pack.

Trevor Byers decided to build her a doggie wheelchair to help Bubbles get around. When conventional methods failed, he turned to 3D printing.

“After a few months had past and a many failed attempts at building a wheelchair more conventional ways we purchased our very first 3D printer. Many many more failed attempts later I have came up with a design that is perfect for my Bubbles. It is light weight and stable without placing too much weight on her extra long dachshund back, ” Byers explained. “She gets around in her cart better than any other small dog I have seen missing their front legs.”

Now Bubbles wheels her way up hills and through grass taller than she is.

Byers, though, did not want to stop with just helping Bubbles. So he shared what he learned in an Instructable page to help more special pets.

“Following our success with Bubbles and learning just how many dogs are out there in need of cart, my wife and I want to share what we have learned in hopes that a dog wont be thrown to the curb due to this simple disability.”

The Instructable, including measuring and assembly instructions, features a not-always cooperative but still adorable Bubbles.



Byers also offers his help to help other pups get off to a wheeling start in life.

Photo Credit: Bubble via Trevor Byers