New 3D Printing Challenge: 3D Skateboard Contest


A new 3D printing design challenge is open.

Solid Concepts, a Southern California-based 3D printing service provider, is challenging designers and enthusiasts alike to create a 3D printable version of a skateboard deck. Two lucky winners will be chosen and will receive 3D printed versions of their skateboard deck designs.

One year ago, Solid Concepts first 3D printed a skateboard deck for three graduate students from the UCLA School of Architecture. To celebrate the success of the skateboards, Solid Concepts decided to launch this challenge.

Their contest challenges participants to design a unique 3D printable skateboard deck that is structurally sound and fully functional. While a standard skateboard deck would be functional and 3D printable, it won’t present much of a challenge, and probably won’t win. To increase the chances of winning, the 3D design must also be unique.

After being selected, the top five finalists will be uploaded to Solid Concepts’ Facebook page and will be judged among a panel of peers. The two designs with the highest amount of “likes” will be presented with a 3D printed version of their design. The final products will be printed with Nylon 12 PA, using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

Designs must follow specific dimensions and cannot exceed 25.5 inches. The skateboard deck must also be at least 0.475” thick. All designs must be submitted no later than June 30, and a winner will be announced a short time later.

  • Tyler Webster

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