New Game Makes Learning About 3D Design Kid-Friendly Fun

There is no doubt 3D design will be an important part of innovating in the future.

Now, a group of forward-thinking educators is helping kids learn about 3D design with an interactive game.

Kideville was designed to let kids’ imaginations run wild while learning the process of designing and building a 3D printed structure in “real-life.”

Dejan Mitrovic is the Creative Director at Kidesign, the team behind the Kideville game.

“Much like a game, each child is assigned a creative mission, based on their interests, which takes them through a full design and project management process that engineers would undertake in real life,” Mitrovic said. “These include background research, idea development, sketching out the plans, computer aided design modeling, 3D printing and presenting their project plan in class.”

Unique to the game is the fact it goes beyond computer simulations and let the kids 3D print their mini-structures for real. The game is also designed to meet curriculum standards for use in schools providing a kid-friendly way for schools to introduce technology to their students to prepare them for a 3D printed future.