New personal 3D printer directory; definitive edition

3D printer directory photo

One of the entries on our Personal 3D Printers page.

Here at we try to keep you apprised of all things 3D printing, covering technological breakthroughs, services, and events, but without actual printers there’s not much at all to talk about. So we have directories of 3D printers, both personal and commercial, to serve as guides for those looking to acquire a printer. We get kind of busy with writing about bioprinting and orbital print platforms though, and a new printer comes out nearly every month, so our directories become out of date almost as soon as they’re updated. Because of this, the Personal 3D Printers page was recently overhauled to a more technical format that’s more conducive to updating.

The new page contains pictures and standardized technical specifications on printers from the most popular 3D printing companies, as well as some Kickstarter funded printers that you can expect to see on the market soon. Not all printers have the same information available from their vendors, but the most relevant bits are available for most, such as type of compatible filaments/materials, printer dimensions, build volume, precision, and price. With few exceptions, the specs listed are of the companies’ best/biggest/most expensive models, so if you’re curious about a company’s other printers, just click the header and you’ll be directed to the website.

We’ll be updating the other directory pages too, so please be patient with our progress.