A New Truly Low-Cost 3D printer


Although growing in popularity and becoming more readily available (you can even buy a 3D printer at Office Depot now), there are still some barriers that stop people from getting into 3D printing at home. For many, the price tag of these printers is simply outside of what they can afford.

This was true for New York college student Shai Schecter, who found the costs for materials for the school’s 3D printer to be prohibitive.  He told reporters that “we have a laser and powder-based 3D printer at school, but it costs about $500 for a bucket of the powder and that only lasts for about one or two prints.  It’s never used because it is so expensive and classes weren’t offered that much in the curriculum.”  So he did what any entrepreneurial college student would do, he built his own 3D printer.

Along with the help of three friends, Schecter launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring a low-cost plastic extrusion-based 3D printer to the masses.  Dubbed the Deltraprintr, this inexpensive 3D printer will come in at just $475 unassembled or $685 assembled, about a fourth of the cost of the next cheapest 3D printer.  Demand for a low-end option is so high that this two foot high printer completely sold out in preorders in the first week.

Schecter says they see this as more than just a printer, but also as a learning tool.  He points out that with many 3D printers, although you can print things, you don’t have to know how the printer really works.  That is why his printer has an optional assembly manual to allow users to really get into how the printer actually works.

These guys have big plans and it will be interesting to see what a true low-cost 3D printer will do to open up the market to a wider audience.

  • Tako Schotanus

    “just $475 unassembled or $685 assembled, about a fourth of the cost of the next cheapest 3D printer”

    Come on, don’t be ridiculous, there are plenty of affordable 3D printers of about the same price or even cheaper!

    • Mike Meyer

      Yup.l “pre-ordered” a QU-BD 2^ on their kickstarter for $279 in kit form – and that’s the larger of the two printers they offered. Those are already in users hands. Maybe the key phrase is “next cheapest”, in that you can get lots of cheaper printers, but have to spend four times as much to get the next cheapest one?

      • http://cmro.travis-starnes.com/ Travis

        I saw that one, but I never saw what the actual retail cost is for it. I know you could get it for 279 as part of kickstarter, but after this kickstater what could you get one for?

        Every printer I have looked that were actually for sale were in the near $2,000 price range (give or take several hundred). I just did some more searches and didn’t see any currently available for cheaper.

        • Tako Schotanus

          My RepRap Mendel cost me $679 as a kit and there are many more sub $1000 printers (see http://reprap.org/wiki/Build_A_RepRap for just the RepRap family of printers, but there is so much more out there if you look around a bit)

        • Mike Meyer

          So the QU-BD 1^ (already in the hands of backers at the $199 pledge point) doesn’t count because they didn’t specify a retail price – but this thing, at over twice the price and not yet shipping at all – and oh, btw, I didn’t see anything about a final sales price on their kickstarter page either – warrants an article?

          There are literally dozens of 3d printer projects on kickstarter, many of them with printers for pledges in this price range. Unless they’re something really special (the peachy printer/scanner combo at under $100, for example), the aren’t newsworthy until they ship. Maybe there’s something special about the Deltaprintr, but if so, you forgot to mention it.

          The first thing I looked for – the Solidoodle – is now shipping their second gen printer starting at $499. Ok, they’re a small shop, and behind on orders now, but the things have been shipping since 2012: (http://store.solidoodle.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=132).

          Nuts, even Radio Shack sells a 3d printer for well under $2000. They claim to have the Alfinia H479 in stock at $1400 (http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=23160006)

          • http://cmro.travis-starnes.com/ Travis

            I may have overstated it’s place in comparison to other printers, but there is no denying this new printer does fall into the low cost range.

          • Mike Meyer

            But what makes it news-worthy? I have my suspicions, but they are best left unsaid.

          • http://cmro.travis-starnes.com/ Travis

            It seemed interesting when I saw it, so i reported on it. Reporting on this doesn’t diminish the validity of other low cost printers.

          • Mike Willis

            You should report on this new 3D printer:


            I don’t know why there is such a hype surrounding the deltaprintr. In my opinion this new design is superior to the deltaprintr as they offer a heat bed, support ABS/Nylon and multiple extrusion.

        • Rob Antonio

          The Rostock Max has been on the market for a good while now, and the kit still sells for well under ‘four times as much’

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