Nike Debuts its Third-Ever 3D Printed Football Cleat


Nike announced this week that it has created a new 3D printed football cleat that is built to enable maximum speed.

This cleat is the third ever 3D printed cleat designed by Nike. Last year, Nike unveiled a cleat that featured 3D plate construction, known as the “Nike Vapor Laser Talon” cleat. In January of this year, Nike debuted its second 3D printed cleat, the Nike Vapor Carbon 2014 Elite Cleat.

The latest cleat, known as the “Nike Vapor HyperAgility Cleat,” features specially engineered triple star-shaped studs, which Nike says will allow for maximum speed on the turf, while creating optimal traction to decelerate and change direction quickly.

“In addition to linear speed, the game of football requires agility and lateral quickness,” states Nike’s website. While the 2013 Nike Vapor Laser Talon cleat was built for increased linear speed, the new Nike Vapor HyperAgility Cleat is designed for “explosive lateral acceleration.”

Once again, Nike worked with Michael Johnson, long-time partner and gold medal sprinter, and his trainers at Michael Johnson Performance to create this cleat. This gave Nike better insight into what athletes need for lateral agility in the shuttle drill. Johnson had worked with Nike on the previous cleat design.

“Just like a race car driver needs confidence in his breaks, an athlete clocking speed in the shuttle needs the same confidence to stop and change direction,” said Michael Johnson. “If he can minimize the amount of time it takes to decelerate and change directions, he will unleash his athletic ability and accelerate faster into the turn or cut.”