Now You Can 3D Print a Mini NASA Curiosity Rover


There are a lot of cool things you can print with your 3D desktop printer like a teeny version of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Teddy of Gudea or Albert Curcan.

cool_albar-curcan_preview_featured tiny_teddy_of_gudea_preview_featured

Now, NASA has upped the ante on the awesome factor by making a mini Mars Rover available to download and print.


On the download page, NASA describes the Rover:

Curiosity is a car-sized robotic rover exploring Gale Crater on Mars as part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission (MSL). Curiosity was launched from Cape Canaveral on November 26, 2011, at 10:02 EST aboard the MSL spacecraft and landed on Aeolis Palus in Gale Crater on Mars on August 6, 2012, 05:17 UTC. The Bradbury Landing site was less than 2.4 km (1.5 mi) from the center of the rover’s touchdown target after a 563,000,000 km (350,000,000 mi) journey.

NASA fans can also print a Voyager (although the page warns it may not turn out) and an asteroid to bombard your space vehicles or sit on your desk.

While neither the Voyager or the Rover actually have a laser or any cool features, it is still pretty neat to be able to 3D print a piece of space history right in your home.

Photo Credit: NASA/Met Museum